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Directory Printer Features

Directory Report can print more attributes than the DOS dir command

Latest Version: 57
Price: $25 US Dollars, payments can be made in other currencies
     Unlike other programs, there is only one version of Directory Report
     You are never confused on whether to buy a standard, professional or enterprise version
Free Trial Period: 10 days
     Trial Version is fully functional
     Unlike other programs, the trial program has no limitations
Runs on MS Windows

Directory Report has been downloaded at 143,039 times!!

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By default Directory Report prints and saves all file attributes
You can select which ones you want by selecting menu: Print / Set Printing Options

By default Directory Report prints and saves in order of size decreasing.
Directory Report will always match the sorting shown on the screen.
So if you click on the column header to change the sorting order - it will be reflected in the printed/saved output.

Directory Report is a true WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) tool.
Sample output files

Print general file properties

Printing Options general

Print AVI file properties

Print AVI properties

Print MP3 file properties

print mp3 properties

Print MSI file properties

print msi properties

Print MS-Office properties

Includes XML based files (Example: .docx, .pptx, .xlsx)

MS Office 

Print Version / EXE / DLL properties

Printing exe, dll properties

Print WAV file properties

print wav properties

Print HTML properties

print html properties