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Purchase instructions

Price: $25 US Dollars, payments can be made in other currencies
You can buy the program or try it free for 10 days

Purchases are made with FastSpring

  1. Click on Purchase button
    Copy and paste the web address into your browser

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  2. Enter Quantity and select button: Order Now

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  3. Get 10% off when you buy 10 units
    Use coupon code: 10-PERCENT-OFF-TEN-UNITS

    Get 15% off when you buy 20 units
    Use coupon code: 15-PERCENT-OFF-TWENTY-UNITS

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  4. Updated price when you buy 10 or more units
    Use coupon code: 10-PERCENT-OFF-TEN-UNITS

    coupon applied

  5. Enter contact information
    Email address is required

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  6. Select credit card or paypal

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  7. Confirm purchase data

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  8. Enter credit card info
    Select button: Complete Order

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  9. Order Thank You

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  10. You will get an email about 10 minutes later with your product key

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  11. Copy and paste the product key into the Directory Report window

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  12. Activation is successful

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Click here to download the installation program
While running Directory Report, it will guide you in purchasing

HelpFile <--- Click here to download the latest help file

EULA <--- Click here to view the End User License Agreement

FastSpring logo Purchases of Directory Report are made with FastSpring.
FastSpring is a leader in Digital Rights Management.
They enable the licensing of many  downloadable games and programs
Their support is excellent

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