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Besides being an excellent tool to find duplicate files, the compare directory function is a real lifesaver
You can compare your old file directories to the new file directories, save to an excel file, and then look at only the differences (using custom filters as needed).
A great tool to insure that your new Windows 8 installation is not missing any critical files from your former OS setup.

Michael A

I downloaded four five different supposed duplicate finders. They all failed miserably in comparison to yours


I make backups of files, but sometimes make too many copies unknowingly.
I like the fact that I can add several starting directories to scan all at once for comparisons.
I certainly like that it can compare directories as well

David R

It does the best of what it does


So far I’m finding Directory Report to be extremely useful! I have been comparing my backup drives and your program is saving me invaluable time


I have been having a lot of trouble solving a problem of large hidden space on my laptop.
I tried many programs such as but only Directory Report gave me the big clue for solving the problem.
It was the only program that said it could not open the protected folder C: RRbackups" (or something similar).
Searching for this name led me to the answer for the hidden space (over 90GB!).
I should have known it was Lenovo's rescue and recovery, but I never use it. One of those preinstalled programs.


Directory Report is Excellent!

Excellent for sorting years of duplicate files by the thousands and thus releasing up vast amounts of disk space.

Directory Report is the greatest utility I have ever had the fortune to come across. Thank you AMB Software!

Gary H

Thanks again for the assistance and the brains to create such a great program such as Directory Report.


One of a kind utility!  A must have for everyone

The best file comparison system to locate duplicate files between anywhere and anywhere!
SSD drives, mechanical drives, USB keys, network, and most of all, a UNIQUE feature to compare MP3 music file that compares song's data without the ID3 tag !
Locate your duplicate MP3 even if file size differs or ID tags are different !


Excellent Utility for Directory and File Organization

Quick and easy directory for file selection to compare for duplicates. Very intuitive interface makes for navigating the utility easy.

Intuitive interface. The ability to color code duplicates for easy detection. The versatility of the utility (e.g., file vs. directory searches, criteria selections, search options).

I have used other (way) more expensive utilities to accomplish the same goal and for the price, this utility can not be beat.
I use this utility on a regular basis and it has saved me hours of labor intensive work. Totally worth the investment.


Your program is great!
This style is great and simple and ease of use.

Peter U

Directory Report, what a beautiful thing


I've been around computer software for over 35+ years, and I must say this is one of the most intelligent and complete software utility I've ever seen.

Don H

After doing several backup restores I ended up with many duplicates on my drives.
Have been looking for a duplicate remover that works.
Tried several dedicated software with unsatisfactory results then figured I would look for an alternative.
I found your product with a Google search and am very pleased.
Using your program along with a file renamer I will soon have my system back under control.


Just thought I'd take a minute to thank you for your Directory Report software.
Once again it saved me hours of tedious work last night. Please Please continue to support and develop the application

Mark R

I’ve found Directory Report to be a great addition to my software library.

I’ve been using it continuously today (day of purchase) and it’s saved me hours of work.

My favorite features are the ability to “drill-down” to the lowest sub-directory and to select exactly what data I want printed.

Bill R

Great tool, I have used it for many years and recommend it as a great analysis solution.
In a past life, it was our go-to tool for eDiscovery custodian collections


I have been using this software for years to run quick checks on directories on our servers.
The primary use for it is to determine who or what is consuming the disk space so we can correct or expand the disk.
I bought it again because I moved it over to a new server to continue to use it the same way


I've been using this programs since 2009. I keep several back ups of digital images and use Directory Report to keep everything in order.
After using it the 1st. time I was amazed at how many duplicates I had stored.
Use of the program freed up several GB of storage space. Great Program


I have been using this product on multiple versions of Windows for over 10 years.
Recently upgraded to current version. Had some minor problems with the upgrade process that the developer resolved immediately.
Highly recommend this software.

c m

Works Great. Easy to find large files and folders.
Easy to Use
Easy to Sort
Easy to display in bytes, KB, MB, or GB
Easy to find large files sizes and folders
I have used this product for many years. This is the first time I used on Windows 7 64-bit.
Simple, nothing fancy, a great utility.


DirectoryReport sure works very well

Jo M

I've been using Directory Report for years now (at least fifteen years). I LOVE this software!

I've found that Directory Report is the perfect tool for archiving.
Ever since I found it all those years ago, it's been the thing that helps me scan and compare project folders and it has made reducing the number of backups into a manageably sized archive so much easier.

I love that it can find identical files even if they aren't falling under the same folder system


This is really a great piece of software and very quick when searching, the previous program used to take 40 minutes to build the same report that you do it 23 seconds

Tom W

It is indispensible

Elaine N

Directory Report is one of the two best utility software applications I use, and I am amazed that more people do not have it and use it.
Believe my first use was a long time ago and I have never found anything even close in utility and speed.


Does everything I needed and more!

We populate a near-line storage system for video and audio files.
I was looking for a simple program to allow staff to periodically print a log of everything on the drive and coordinate what can and cannot be deleted.
This did the trick and more.

Summary: perfect

John S

I have used Directory Report for a number of years, mainly to print a record of the contents of my backup video and audio directories.
Directory Report has proved very useful over the years in locating my copies of now hard to get files

Terry B

I've used it for so many years, you've certainly earned another $25

Timothy D

I have been using it for years

Easy to use, intuitive.


I had stored backups of photos I had taken with my iphone and my camera on a backup disk, then started editing the main drive and moving things around.
I found this program and it knew all the duplicates. I was not sure of how it worked; so I asked the publisher.
He was gracious enough to bring me up to speed, and I spot checked, and the damned thing found and deleted my duplicate files.
Very intuitive program
I wish I had found this program before
You would like to think that Microsoft would have bought this and made it part of the system

Valli H

I love this program - you are my hero!

Marshall B

It is an important part of my toolbox, which I use regularly for both keeping inventory of my files and comparing sets of transferred files to their originals

Ward S

I purchased Directory Report to help me with renaming approximately 6000 files, which had been named incorrectly.
I am happy to say my first experience with your product was a very positive one.
I was able to rename the files in less than thirty minutes.
Your product saved me hours of time.
Thanks to Directory Report I was able to move on forward with our project without delay


I tried other similar utilities, such as "Directory Size", but none had the features and speed that yours does.
I especially like the "Find Duplicates" feature, which, for me, paid for the software by identifying my duplicated files and filling up my external hard drive
to the point that I was thinking of buying a larger one, but didn't have to after your program showed me the wasted space I had in duplicated files.

David H

User David H: I'm using it extensively to clean up and organize files on a new laptop, and for simplifying backups.

David U

What a tremendous piece of software, my files are in such a mess that I am finding it invaluable to assist in cataloguing


Finds duplicates quickly, doesn't have a problem with huge files or directories, can select multiple directories to compare using the ctrl or shift key, multiple rename is nice.

I have looked at several find duplicates programs and none do what this one does and all cost more.

Hal A

I first used DR way back in the version 22 or so days. Actually purchased it several times.
You will recall space was more of a premium than it is now.
I wrote routines to capture the DIR /s command and used the results.
One problem is that the dates are selected via switch, so only one showed. Plus, it was a hassle. I have several computers.

There are several things I like about DR.
It is clean looking and fast.
It shows all 3 dates.
It is easy to show the CRC without having to compute it.

One project now is making a large archive of files without having any duplicates.
The bulk of the files are pictures, but other types are included. Most picture filenames are nonsense, so I am replacing the name with hex CRC/size, then rejecting duplicates.
The index contains keywords which can be added. DR seems a very good tool to start.


Easy to use.  Great Features.  Have used it for many years, no problem upgrading to new version.

Ed D

Thank you Allan. Great product! The best I’ve come across.


I’m an attorney and I run Directory Report weekly to see what client documents have been created as a cross-check against what documents have been billed.


Best File / Directory Utility on the planet!

I use this tool to do lots of things, but most frequently to change multiple filenames (due to Google Drive's pesky renaming to (1) and (2) etc.
Also do some file and directory size analysis.
Worth every penny - plus you get free lifetime upgrades.

You won't find a Windows 8.1 polished interface, but that's not really a con, now is it?
This is very utilitarian software - it works GREAT, is FAST and its strength is in its utility, not useless fluff and dazzle.

Try before you buy. Lifetime Upgrades. Fast.
Has been a trusted utility for many years.
Hands down the best file/directory management utility in my toolbox.


I found it very effective then with many of its functions, especially the conprehensive file de-duplication and the batch name editing


I was looking for a tool to help me do cleanup of my computer.
My favorite feature is the column "Size wSub", which gives the true size of folders.
This helped find the largest folders in seconds!


Couldn't do without it. Pros: Ease of finding dups in different directories


I've been using Directory Report for close to 20 years. It really helps me keep track of duplicate files and where I put things.
I purchased a separate license for my work computer so I could use it both at work and at home.
I'm still exploring all the capabilities of version 59, as I most used version 35 at home! So far, works great!


I downloaded the demo and compared 525 gigs of music against 475 gigs of music on another drive.
I was thoroughly impressed with the fact the app didn't crash since it was comparing so much data.
The GUI was very easy to use to sync the files.
A great tool at a cheap price. I would have paid $49.95 with no problem.


I was looking for a utility to do directory and bulk file comparisons, for various purposes.
It is very versatile for file management, very practical interface, fast.
It is old-school :-) But I hate deep menus for routine operations. Keep it simple is good.


Thrilled to find an interactive directory tree program!

I work in the legal field tasked with reviewing and organizing thousands of pages of documents for just a single criminal case.
The most critical docs are extracted, summarized, and linked to a database for quick retrieval, but too often the remaining docs in a case get lost in the murkey quagmire of government discovery.

This WONDERFUL little program not only allows me to create indexes of my numerous subdirectories,
I was blown away when I discovered I could open a document directly from the produced report simply by double-clicking on the listed file.

This feature is incredibly helpful, especially during time constrained case management meetings, or while huddled in my office trying to put the pieces of a case together.

Based on the various needs of users, whether for file comparison or creating a detailed directory tree, I can't imagine anyone not finding Directory Report to be an invaluable tool.
My sincere thanks to the code jockey that wrote this program!


Simple interface, provides lots of options to include more or less detail, outputs to CSV file that I can view in Excel.
Got the job done very well for my needs and I will recommend this.

Dave W

Low cost; very versatile; before DR, how did I ever cope with duplicate files?
Now, when I change machines, it's a must-have part of my software build; unusually quick, helpful and well-informed support.
The product is so versatile, exploring all its capabilities is a challenge itself (which said, the "help" is brilliant - if only all other applications were equally well equipped).
So, in summary: I commend this very useful, very capable, low-cost utility to anyone who ever creates a file on their PC.


Powerful and feature-rich, with a simple user interface.
In contrast to many disc/file utilities that try to impress with busy, cluttered interfaces, this simple utility makes all its features readily accessible in a clean, uncluttered menu system.
I installed this utility to deal with an overwhelming problem of file duplication on a PC that is synched with several other PCs.
I've yet to explore its many other features, but it was a smashing success in the main job of finding duplicate files spread far and wide across a large hard drive.
Highly recommended, and well worth the $25 fee.


Simple clean interface. Scans quickly. I love that it can scan and compare a couple of directories or an entire drive.
I also love the mp3 feature that lets you find duplicate mp3s. I've used it extensively to clean up my music collection. Customer service is fantastic.
I had issues with licensing (it was a problem with their licensing company, not with the software) and they sent me multiple e-mails with new license codes every time I got locked out. They are wonderful!

This is the best software of the sort that I have tried (and I've tested many).
It does pretty much everything I need it to and I use it multiple times a week.
I do animation and video editing, and back-up my projects religiously.
I'm generally pretty organized, but occasionally during a crunch
I will just let naming conventions go and will back-up duplicates because I don't have time to sort things as I go.
Directory report allows me to go back through the chaos and weed out the extra material that I don't need.
It saves me hours of time and terabytes of space.
I've been using this software for over ten years now and will continue to use/upgrade/and re-buy it until they stop making it.

P Nance

Directory Report gets the job done
I needed an efficient way to retrieve disc space and eliminate duplicate files, whether or not the same. Directory Report is the answer.
Well worth the registration; It has already saved that much time.


I’ve been using it for many years. Good product!

Otis R

I purchased a new laptop and bought the app again for it. I have had directory report on all my older machines and am big fan. I can't say anything but "great" about it

Ken J

The really useful feature was the CRC checking to identify duplicate files, and I've already been able to identify 58 Gb worth of duplicated files on one of our servers!


This software is a must have for managing photos and videos.
You can easily identify duplicates and also synchronize your data across multiple locations.

Jack D

I've actually been a long time user of your product.
I've been using it on our main file server since


I appreciate that your tool emphasizes substance over form.
Lots of these tools out there that are all bling GUIs, but that's about it.
Yours functions and performs better than any others I've tried.


I'm buying a second copy of your program for my laptop,
I have been using 'Directory Report' for a few years now on my desktop machine, use it alot in tracking my disk usage, and finding files.
It is a great program, and I highly recommend it to anyone.

P Ce

Still one of the greatest utilities ever

Russell M

I love Directory Report and it does everything I need it to do

Russell M

I love Directory Report and it does everything I need it to do


I find this program first class.
Far too much to list it all see the videos.
If anything, it can take a little time to find way around it but that just because of the many options.
A great tool to have


I am able to summarize my hard drives content and print it out for my circle in business.
This is my sole use and it works, and has been working since 2003.
I hope to use the other incredible features in the future. 
My hard drive content is massive.
I use the program for my entertainment business, with Karaoke files, mp3 files and all sorts of music files, and I can provide my associates with an easy printout

Curt H

This application is very good. Extremely easy to use.
But can be very granular or a 30,000 foot view.
You did an amazing job of thinking through all the options and features you put in to it.

Kai L

I just love your guys very fast double find especially via size and CRC and the listing of Path sizes including subdirectories

Malcolm P

As you know there is scant little capability within MS Windows products to assist with file management, particularly when the task is to clean up large server disks.
The duplicate files feature is very useful, as is the ability to target owners of files particularly in a project where people create files like there is no tomorrow

Padraic H

I have a really large music library, 1 million plus files. About 20-30% duplicates are included over multiple hard drives, so from this perspective.
I love your program. It’s a fantastic tool for me, for keeping my library in order


Simple to use program for multirenaming and other directory overviews. 
Has been used by me for multiyears with no problem. 
Decent priced easy to use multipurpose tool.


The program was easy to use and helped me tremendously.
What I like the best is how it gives the file sizes very quickly so that I can judge how much space is being used

Dr Daystrom

I used this program to help me clean up my computer at the institute. It found many huge files I did not even know about.
The program is well worth the price

David H

I picked Directory Report because:
Folder Sizes
Duplicate searches, which I can trust compared to other programs.
License being able to upgrade or move to another machine, along with lifetime license which is honored.


I find Directory Report very useful indeed for clearing out duplicate files


I really enjoy using Directory Report, use it quite frequently, the way you can filter your results is quite useful.
I use it to get a file type count, like jpg,bmp,tiff etc.on my external drives.
It's an outstanding program, keep up the good work.
I'm thinking of purchasing another copy down the road for my wife's laptop, she has a lot of sewing patterns and that would help her find and sort thru them.
Thanks again


The best of several I sampled. Easy to use and allows for separate or amalgamated lists.
I also like the layout availability so I can list in various formats

Dick W

I love it. In past years I used a program called XTree Gold, but in later years it couldn't keep up with larger hard drives

Scott W

Its a great tool in printing my over 19,000 mp3 file list

Ivan Z

High configurable file/folder utility

Lots of options and filters how to compare directories, find duplicates

Steve P

The feature I like best is reporting the size of a directory and all subdirectories (and to sort by size by clicking on the heading).
I used it to find wasted space on our network. It took a while to scan the drive (150,000+ files), but once it was scanned, it worked great.


Hands-down best product to remove duplicate files!
Very quick scans and ability to perform specific batch deletes based on file strings or paths.
I tested six different duplicate file removers and Directory Report left the rest in the dust.
The extremely fast directory scans, unlimited number of files to be included in scanning, and batch file delete capability using very specific parameters saves many hours in getting your duplicates cleaned up


The ability to scan and record many file attributes
The depth that the program is able to scan and report
The speed at which the program scans

This product was exactly what I was looking for when trying to track user folders on a network drive.

Jo M

I love your software! It has been indispensable in helping me compare, archive, reduce digital clutter, and keep things organized.


After trialing a bunch of these utilities I found Directory Report to be the easiest to get to grips with!
Mainly because of a simple interface that isn't immediately clogged with info!
It has all the features I need for managing a large number of files and it is an essential utility for me!


Handy tool for cleaning up a jumble of files and folders
For a very modest cost, this program provides an easy, almost intuitive, tool.
I like the fact that the size of folders is calculated as well as file size - this rectifies a prominent Windows deficiency.
Great support from AMB software


I have a large external hard drive that badly needs cleaning out, and Directory Report is the only program I trust to find true duplicates.


Thank You for this great program,I have needed something like this for years


I really like the Directory Report. It gives me alot of the information I need to manage our large amount of files


Excellent and very useful software. User friendly interf, plenty of excellent functions. Easy to use.
Good help and excellent support. Excellent software which makes administrators job much easier.


I bought the program primarily for two reasons...well, three.

First, I needed a way to get a print out (or to be able to save a txt file) of every directory and subdirectory on some of my hard drives, which I want to swap in and out of hard drive docks as a method of backup storage.
I have thousands of photographs from my business.
I've given up trying to put them all on DVD disks.
The challenge has been remembering where everything is, so I needed some reference for that.

Directory Report does that in spades, and lots of other things
I haven't explored much yet, like comparing two drives for duplicate files.
I've run compare a couple times and it seems to work fantastically, so I know I'll be using that as I organize and compare 1TB drives I have.
Third, I read reviews in several places that were very positive, so I figured it was worth $25 to have a reliable, well-functioning program.


Glad I found this program, it'll allow me to do some things I've struggled at in the past.
Just the time I've wasted in one day more not knowing how to effectively manage the 6TB of data I have more than pays for the program"disk space analyzer"

Azzam H

Directory Report is a great tool indeed, at last I can locate duplicate directories


The best and most versatile duplicate file management utility!

Feature packed, accurate, quick,and safe


Powerful - An Outstanding App

1. Super Fast - Incredibly fast- I searched over 800K files in less than 45 minutes)
2. Feature Rich ( you name it you can do it)
3. Reliable - Intelligently written and highly stable. (unlike some apps this one does not crash)

Find Duplicate files fast, search laptops, desktops, servers, storage arrays. NAS, SAS and so on and manipulate your data in so many ways.

If you're looking for a powerful and highly reliable file utility nothing comes close to the "Directory Report" software. It's the best.

I have used it extensively on a very large number of files (almost a million files) to support an end-client in a million dollar legal dispute. This tiny yet powerful APP saved over US$15,000 in IT consultant fees. I would have happily paid over 10 times the modest $25 fee charged by the author for this amazing APP.

And yes, the author of the APP actually replies to support questions. He answered dozens of my questions within a 24 hour window. I would have happily paid for support. I can not recommend this file app enough.

Highly Recommended.


Powerful and feature-rich, with a simple user interface.
In contrast to many disc/file utilities that try to impress with busy, cluttered interfaces, this simple utility makes all its features readily accessible in a clean, uncluttered menu system.
I installed this utility to deal with an overwhelming problem of file duplication on a PC that is synched with several other PCs.
I've yet to explore its many other features, but it was a smashing success in the main job of finding duplicate files spread far and wide across a large hard drive.
Highly recommended, and well worth the $25 fee


Directory Report is a gem of a find. It was recommended by a friend (thanks, Shahid)

It is truly an outstanding App to find duplicate files, very Powerful and feature rich.
It' really is a Swiss knife of file-utilities

This is undoubtedly one of the most powerful file utilities for windows period .(trust me I have tried many of them). Directory Report was the only Application to scan over 500,000 files in less than an hour without crashing.

As a novice user I wanted help and the author of the App replied to my many support request emails within hours and answered my countless queries. Given the low cost ($25) I was surprised by the awesome support I received. I would have happily paid US$100+ for support alone.

The App is small, intelligent, stable and well written.

If you're looking for a powerful software that is highly reliable, super fast and has lots of options & features then I would highly recommend Directory Report.


Thanks a million Mr Allan Braun of AMB Software for writing such a neat App.


An inexpensive, fast and easy to use utility that will help you keep your files in order.
Over a couple of years it has proved invaluable in finding duplicates.
The options for choosing which to retain and for renaming are very helpful making it easy to reorganize and locate files.

D Wilson

My sister-in-law loves Directory Report and suggested we get it as well.
She helps me with our computers.
Thanks for a great product.


Easy to use. Great for finding where space is being consumed. Good utility that is worth the money


Directory Report assists a great deal in identifying any "archive attribute" setting issue(s) I have with my files

Keep up the great work here with the product! It's 5 stars in my book!

Gary G

I’ve been using Directory Report at least as far back as 2009.
I use it a lot for determining directory contents and sizes.
But especially for finding duplicates to save disk space.
I’ve looked briefly at some of the equivalent programs for Macs and they just don’t come close to Directory Report in terms of capability, ease of use, cost, results provided, on and on.


Works great for me for scanning network directories to see who is using up space.
I also like being able to change the owner of files if you have to move files around.
Support is great always get a quick response if I run into trouble.
If you have to maintain files on a network you should have this.

Pete N

The program is great for what I want to use it for: printing to an Excel file the directory tree of a share on a server. It performs very well and is easy to use


Outstanding File Lister/Duplicate Finder

Great for printing out lists of Music or any other type of files.
It allows you to output as little or as much information about the files as you want to and has an extensive range of output types.

I was able to output a list of all my Music file to a text file in a matter of minutes.
The speed, of course is determined by how much information you want about each file.
I searched through all my hard drives and files looking for duplicates in around 5 minutes.
It depends on how you have it search, how long it will take the duplicate search.
The longest search time matches CRC codes.
But a simple file name search is very quick

Dave T

I like that the Duplicate File feature is fast, that the presentation is clear and informative, and that I'm not just forced to delete selected files, but that I can move them wherever I want


Very helpful utility for managing OneDrive folders

Very helpful in managing libraries on external HDD vs. what is uploaded to OneDrive for Business (formerly SkyDrive). Bulk uploading (>10 GB) is sometimes a problem with OneDrive;

Directory Report helps you find files that did not land in the upload zone.

Ideal utility for managing file server directories that contain many identical versions of the same large (1.0GB) video files, for example.

Not a utility I use every day, but when I need it, it performs tasks that I cannot accomplish with Windows Explorer.

A "must have" utility in my software pouch.

Great file management utility for the tool beltTracy S

Love the program! Have been using it for a long time


Simple user friendly interface, fast and accurate results

Have been using this program since 2003 and it has served us well


Main use: looking for differences between two directories.

After manual selection, we periodically load part of our digital files to an online storage (Alfresco) sharing it with associates outside the organization.
We can access the storage through WebDav as an 'S-drive'.

Now and then, we check whether there haven't been any inconsistencies in the uploads (missed upload errors,.).
For that comparison, this program provided me the most handy, user friendly overview.
I export the result to Excel, where I can filter & comment. and forward the difference list to my collegues for further review.

As far as my quick research was correct, advantages compared to SwiftCompare were (a) immediately listing of (differences) details of all subfolders' contents (so... no further browsing required) and (b) export option to excel (instead of html).

Thanks for making this program :)


Quick overview of all your files, directories and drives as well.
Duplicate files quickly removed and not only found by name but also compared byte by byte.
Multiple file renaming and numbering.
Quick search

Great service when I installed after a crash and new motherboard.

Software works as advertised at a very reasonable cost.


Helped me often later on finding large files /duplicates in a shrinking space on laptop SD and now SSDs


Very easy to print out list of files in a folder.
I used to do this with DOS, but this is much more convenient and faster, and the program is so cheap, it's easily worth the time savings and convenience.


 For power and speed there is still nothing close available 

Derek N

Thank you so much - I really do appreciate this sort of support and love the program.

Professional organizer for Long Island, New York