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Directory Report is so easy to use since it looks just like the Microsoft Explorer

Latest Version: 74
Price: $25 US Dollars, payments can be made in other currencies
     Unlike other programs, there is only one version of Directory Report
     You are never confused on whether to buy a standard, professional or enterprise version
Free Trial Period: 10 days
     Trial Version is fully functional
     Unlike other programs, the trial program has no limitations
Runs on MS Windows

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Charley325: Besides being an excellent tool to find duplicate files, the compare directory function is a real lifesaver
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If you're looking for a powerful and highly reliable file utility nothing comes close to the "Directory Report" software. It's the best.
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The main screen shows the total size of each folder
As you open each folder - the total sizes of their subfolders are shown
Directory Report always shows the folder size
This quickly shows you where all your disk space is going
It enables you to quickly drill down and find disk space hogs

folder size

Directory Report helps you find and clean up the following problems:

  • Find huge files left over even after uninstalling programs
  • New computers come with pre-installed bloatware
  • Find huge crash dump files
  • Find huge files that you forgot about (Videos)

I scanned my home computer and found 2.4 gig of preinstalled bloatware


Sample drill down to find disk space usage

Scan your C drive
c:\users takes 18 gig

drilldown 1
c:\users\Allan takes 16 gig

drilldown 2
c:\users\Allan\AppData takes 5.1 gig

c:\users\Allan\AppData\Local takes 4.4 gig

drilldown 4
c:\users\Allan\AppData\Local\Google takes 1.2 gig

drilldown 5
WOW c:\users\Allan\AppData\Local\google\GoogleEarth takes 1.2 gig

drilldown 6
WOW: c:\users\Allan\ApPData\Local\Google\GoogleEarth has 1 file that takes 1.2 gig
This is a prime candidate to Uninstall to save space

drilldown 7

Directory Report helps you analyze where all your disk space is being used
It is enterprise ready
The 32 bit program can scan over 9 million files
The 64 bit program can scan unlimited number of files


All screens default sorting is by size descending so that you can find where to clean out your disk

  1. Main Window (Screen Shot)
  2. Largest files window (Screen Shot)
  3. Largest folders window (Screen Shot)
  4. Largest type (file extensions) window (Screen Shot)
  5. Duplicate files window (Screen Shot)
  6. Duplicate folders window (Screen Shot)
  7. Directory compare window (Screen Shot)
  8. Owner file size summary window (Screen Shot)
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