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Windirstat Alternative

Directory Report is a better tool for analyzing your disks than Windirstat

Latest Version: 74
Price: $25 US Dollars, payments can be made in other currencies
     Unlike other programs, there is only one version of Directory Report
     You are never confused on whether to buy a standard, professional or enterprise version
Free Trial Period: 10 days
     Trial Version is fully functional
     Unlike other programs, the trial program has no limitations
Runs on MS Windows

Directory Report has been downloaded at 143,609 times

Charley325: Besides being an excellent tool to find duplicate files, the compare directory function is a real lifesaver
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If you're looking for a powerful and highly reliable file utility nothing comes close to the "Directory Report" software. It's the best.
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Although WinDirStat is free, Directory Report $25 (with a free 10 day trial period), you get what you pay for

Directory Report is easier to use than Windirstat

Directory Report looks like the MS-Explorer but always shows the folder size
This familiar scheme makes learning how to use Directory Report easy

Windirstat uses confusing treemaps

Windirstat confusing colored blocks

Directory Report is faster than Windirstat

Scanning time in seconds
Number of files Directory
1,170,683 19 100
2,170,683 43 325
3,170,683 83 472
4,170,683 140 612
5,170,683 253 788
6,170,683 346 977
7,170,683 470 1132
8,170,683 565 1280
9,170,683 724 1429

Directory Report can scan more folders than Windirstat

Both Directory Report and Windirstat can scan multiple drives, but

Directory Report can scan one or many folders

directory report many folders

Windirstat can only scan one folder

Windirstat can only scan one folder 

Directory Report can scan more files than Windirstat

Both Directory Report and Windirstat can scan 9 million files
The 64 bit version of Directory Report can scan unlimited number of files
There is no 64 bit version of Windirstat

Directory Report has better reporting than Windirstat

Windirstat can only send a simple email report

All screens of Directory Report can be printed or saved to these file formats: txt, csv, xml, html, clipboard, and directly to MS-Excel

Directory Report can report the attributes of these file extensions (Windirstat cannot)
DLL and EXE version information
AVI, MP3, MSI, WAV and MS-Office properties
General file properties
    Name, Size, Created Date, Accessed Date, Modified Date, Attributes (read only, hidden, archive), CRC checksum, Owner

Directory Report is continually updated

The latest version of Directory Report was released March 2023
The latest version of Windirstat was released Sept 2007

Directory Report can filter scans, Windirstat cannot

Windirstat has no filtering - thus it scans all files

Directory Report has extensive filtering
You can scan only for a file type: Example: *.jpg
You can scan for a range of file sizes
You can scan for a range of file creation/access/modification dates
You can scan for a certian file owner

Windirstat cannot exclude scanning a certain directory
Deleting a file from many Windows folders may break many programs
You can direct Directory Report to skip over a list of directories

Directory Report can save its configuration, Windirstat cannot

Although you can configure Windirstat, you cannot save them to a file
Thus you must repeat these configurations every time

Directory Report can save all of its settings to a file
Thus you can load these saved settings, and
You can have multiple saved settings

Directory Report can be started from the command line, Windirstat cannot

You can start Directory Report from the command line as: "full path to Directory Report's exe" "full path to Directory Report's setting file"
Example: "C:\Program Files (x86)\AMB Software\Directory Report\wDirReport.exe"  "c:\temp\DirectoryReportSettings.txt"

This will start Directory Report with all the filters in the settings file, and
It will start a scan of all the disks/folders in the settings file

Windirstat cannot be started from the command line and be instructed on which disks/folders to scan

Directory Report stores the last 32 disks/folders scanned, Windirstat doesn't

You most likely will be scanning the same disks/folders over and over again
To save you the trouble of navigating to these entries, you can select them from a most-recently-used (MRU) list

Windirstat does not have any most-recently-used list

Directory Report has extra file management features than Windirstat

Find duplicate files
Find duplicate directories
Compare and synchronize two folders
Show total files/bytes per user
Multiple file rename
Multiple file change date
Multiple file change owner
Compare any two files and show their differences
Show file CRC
Show file owner