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Show disk usage, directory printer, find duplicate files, rename files, and maintain your files - all in 1 tool

Latest Version: 74
Price: $25 US Dollars, payments can be made in other currencies
     Unlike other programs, there is only one version of Directory Report
     You are never confused on whether to buy a standard, professional or enterprise version
Free Trial Period: 10 days
     Trial Version is fully functional
     Unlike other programs, the trial program has no limitations
Runs on MS Windows

Directory Report has been downloaded at 143,609 times

Charley325: Besides being an excellent tool to find duplicate files, the compare directory function is a real lifesaver
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If you're looking for a powerful and highly reliable file utility nothing comes close to the "Directory Report" software. It's the best.
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Directory Report is now digitally signed

You can trust that the Directory Report installation has not been hacked with a virus


Easy to use

Directory Report is so easy to use since it looks just like the Microsoft Explorer (screen shot)

High quality and Enterprise ready

Directory Report can scan over 9 million files
Highly efficient use of memory

New in version 43:
64 bit version can scan unlimited number of files

Show disk usage

Demo Movie  disk usage movie

Show Folder size

The main screen shows the total size of each directory (Screen Shot)
As you open each folder - the total sizes of their subdirectories are shown
Directory Report always shows the folder size
This quickly shows you where all your disk space is going
It enables you to quickly drill down and find disk space hogs

Directory Report is so easy to use since it looks just like the MS Explorer, but in addition, it has two more columns:
Size of the directory,
Size of the directory including all subdirectories

Directory Report helps you find and clean up the following problems:

  • Find huge files left over even after uninstalling programs
  • New computers come with pre-installed bloatware
  • Find huge crash dump files
  • Find huge files that you forgot about (Videos)

I scanned my home computer and found 2.4 gig of preinstalled bloatware


There are many other folder size programs that show confusing colored blocks or colored fans
Directory Report versus the competition

Directory Report
Easy to understand display shows total size in bytes.
No confusing eye candy
Editor's review:
"This simple, old-school tree view is still the clearest and most comprehensible way to display directories and their contents"

Confusing colored blocks editor's review:
The initial WinDirStat scan may take quite a while, so be prepared to go grab a cup of coffee for 5 to 10 minutes

Windirstat hasn't been updated since September 2007

Windirstat confusing colored blocks

SpaceSniffer Editor's review:
"The result is a mess of rectangles of different sizes that represent files and folders"

Space Sniffer a mess of rectangles
Disk space fan
Confusing colored circles
Disk spacefan confusing colored circles

Reports total file size - totaled by file owners

For each owner, show their total number of files and total bytes (Screen Shot)
This is ideal for network maintenance
It will show you who is using up all your valuable network disk space
(Before scanning - select the option: Largest / Compute Largest Owner)

Do you want to see all files owned by a certain user?
Display the largest files screen
Turn on the file owner column
Sort by file owner
Enter the user name as a filter

WinDirStat is slow

Here are the results comparing Directory Report to Windirstat

Scanning time in seconds
Number of files Directory
1,170,683 19 100
2,170,683 43 325
3,170,683 83 472
4,170,683 140 612
5,170,683 253 788
6,170,683 346 977
7,170,683 470 1132
8,170,683 565 1280
9,170,683 724 1429

Click here for a full comparison to WinDirstat: Windirstat Comparison

Sample drill down to find disk space usage

Scan your C drive
c:\users takes 18 gig

drilldown 1
c:\users\Allan takes 16 gig

drilldown 2
c:\users\Allan\AppData takes 5.1 gig

c:\users\Allan\AppData\Local takes 4.4 gig

drilldown 4
c:\users\Allan\AppData\Local\Google takes 1.2 gig

drilldown 5
WOW c:\users\Allan\AppData\Local\google\GoogleEarth takes 1.2 gig

drilldown 6
WOW: c:\users\Allan\ApPData\Local\Google\GoogleEarth has 1 file that takes 1.2 gig
This is a prime candidate to Uninstall to save space

drilldown 7

Directory printer

Print a directory list and file list of an entire disk or a list of directories
Prints a file's metadata
Prints DLL and EXE version information
Prints AVI, MP3, MSI, WAV and MS-Office properties
Prints the file's attributes to a Printer, Text file, Clipboard, Excel (CSV) file, Excel program, HTML file or XML file
Print general file properties
    Name, Size, Created Date, Accessed Date, Modified Date, Attributes (read only, hidden, archive), CRC checksum, Owner
Sample output files

Click here to see all of the file attributes than can be saved/printed: (screen shot)

Directory Report is a "What You See Is What You Get" WYSIWYG program.
All screens can be printed or saved to a file.

Directory Report can show if an exe or dll is 32 bit or 64 bit
The Microsoft File Explorer cannot show this
Show exe/dll 32 or 64 bit

Karen's Directory Ptiner

Full Unicode support

This allows you to view and print reports with files/directories that have names with international characters

Find duplicate files (Screen Shot)

Find duplicate directories (Screen Shot)

Demo Movie Duplicate files movie

Duplicate files are found by any combination of the same:
    Name, Size, Cyclic Redundancy Checksum (CRC32) or Comparing byte by byte

Version 31 is 33% faster for finding duplicate files by comparing byte by byte

Directory Report can show you who the file's owner is
Useful info when you are searching for duplicate files on a network drive

Directory Report is the fastest duplicate file finder program

The duplicate files search is multithreaded - making it very fast
It uses multiple passes and many search optimizations which quickly eliminates non-duplicates
This will greatly speed up your search especially when scanning hundreds of thousands of files

What sets Directory Report apart from all other duplicate file finding programs?
When you find a duplicate file - you might not know if it is safe to delete.
Just right click the file and select: Display in Main Window
The file is displayed with all the other files in its folder - just like the MS Explorer
This way you will be assured that it is safe to delete it

Directory Report has these must have features

  • Directory Report lets you select any two files and do a binary compare
    It will show which byte they differ
  • If the files are text, you can do a line by line compare
    It will show you a side by side diff of the textual difference
  • You double click on any file to view it in its default program
    So you can verify duplicate photos

Do not buy any duplicate finding program if it does not have these above features

You can select files to be used a duplicate filter
Thus only files which are duplicates to these filter files will be shown after scanning your root directories
This will save time in searching for duplicates in an entire disk
For example: Find all duplicates to files that are on my CD

You can speed up finding duplicates based on CRC by preloading CRCs from a file.
This file will contain a list of files and their CRC
This is useful for files that never change (Example: CD or DVD)

The duplicate files search has been tested on drives containing over 450,000 files and 140 gigabytes
The duplicate files result window is colored by groups to make it easier for you to process

Directory Report versus the competition (Scalability):
    "NoClone works very fast with limited number of files, however, in enterprise context, the greatest challenge to NoClone is scalability problems."
Directory Report
     Has no problem scaling to an enterprise context
     Directory Report has been tested scanning 9 million files

Directory Report versus the competition:

Features of trial program NoClone Home Edition Directory Report
Maximum no. of network path (LAN) 3 No limit
Maximum no. of files in a search 300,000 No limit
Price $32.90 $25
Features of trial program AshiSoft Directory Report
Maximum number of files to delete/move/copy 50 No limit
Features of program AshiSoft Directory Report
Directory Printer Separate program Included in same program
Duplicate Finder Separate program Included in same program
Total $39.95 $25

How can you verify that two files on two computers (not connected over a network) are identical?
Run Directory Report on both computers and generate the file's CRC
If the CRCs are identical and the sizes are identical, then the files are identical
CRC-32 is used by WinZip and WinRAR to verify files

Batch rename files

Rename files based on MP3 tags (Screen Shot)

Rename files in batch instead of 1 at a time (Screen Shot)

Directory Report has everything a single function file rename tool has
It has many options to change the front and the file extension
Feel confident by previewing the result
Feel confident that you can undo the previous rename
Batch file rename

Batch change file owner

Change the owner of multiple files instead of 1 at a time

Batch change file date

Change the created date, change the accessed date, and change the modified date of multiple files instead of 1 at a time (Screen Shot)

This feature is great for those of you who are developing scripts that are date sensitive
This feature is also useful for correcting files with dates in the future or prehistoric dates

Change created date
Change accessed date
Change modified date
File change date

Synchronize and compare directories

In every screen you can select two directories for comparison (Screen Shot)

The result will show:
     If the file is identical
     If the file is present in one directory and missing in another
     The line in which they differ (ASCII mode)
     The byte in which they differ (Binary mode)

You can also compare directories by computing their CRC checksum
Duplicate directories will have the same CRC checksum

Compare files

In every screen you can select two files and compare them (Screen Shot)
The result will show:
     Binary mode - shows the bytes in which they differ
     ASCII mode  - colors the differences side by side

In every screen you can select two files and compare their version information (screen shot)


Directory Report implements the equivalent of the Linux touch
You can select one or multiple files/directories
It will then set the modified date to the current date/time
Touch for Windows

File maintenance

Shows the largest files on your computer (Screen Shot)
Shows the largest directories on your computer (Screen Shot)
Shows the largest types (File Extensions) on your computer (Screen Shot)

All screens allow you to link a file to another name (CreateHardLink)
This will only create a new directory entry but will not copy the file content
This allows you to create duplicate files without using any extra disk space

Directory Report is a powerful CRC checksum utility
Use CRC checksums to verify if two files are identical even if they are not on the same computer
(screen shot)

Computer forensics

Finds encrypted files and directories
Finds protected directories

Directory Report can find many hidden files when run as an administrator
Many other programs do not have this capability.

Saving program settings to a file

You can load and save all program settings from/to a file

You can run Directory Report from a command prompt followed by a settings file.
Thus you can schedule Directory Report to run overnight when the network is free.
Example: "C:\Program Files (x86)\AMB Software\Directory Report\wDirReport.exe" "c:\temp\wdir.txt"

Running from command line

AutoPrint features

The main screen has a command: Print / AutoPrint
If set, this will automatically print all files in all directories to a file after all files are scanned.
This command is designed to be used when running Directory Report on the command line


You can narrow down the files scanned by filtering any combination of the following (Screen Shot)

Minimum / maximum creation date.
Minimum / maximum access date.
Minimum / maximum modification date.
Minimum / maximum size.
Date mismatch - creation date > (access date or modification date).
Any dates = zero.  MS-Explorer displays this date as "(unknown)".
File has NTFS Streams
File is a system file
File is compressed
File is encrypted
File is archived
File is read only
File is hidden
One or many file name matching wildcards.
One or many file name exclude wildcards.
One or many directory exclusions.
One or many file owner matching wildcards
One or many file owner exclude wildcards

Bulk copying

When you use the MS Explorer to copy files/directories, it only shows you the progress of the current file.
This can be real painful when copying a huge amount of files (IE: a CD).
Especially when you are copying them over a network or slow medium.
The MS Explorer's estimated time to complete is very inaccurate.
You have no idea on how long a copy will take.
(Screen Shot)

The copy_to feature shows you three progress controls:
The progress of the total number of bytes
The progress of the total number of files
The progress of the number of bytes of the current file

The copy_to's estimated time to complete is constantly recomputed

CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Checksum)

Directory Report computes a file's 32bit CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Checksum)

New in version 73: Directory Report computes a file's MD5 checksum, SHA-1 checksum and SHA-256 checksum


It also computes a directory's 32bit CRC

CRC Screenshot

Thus you can compute the CRC of two files on two separate computers
If the files have the same size and same CRC, then they are the same

CRC MD5 utility
CRC SHA-1 utility
CRC SHA-256 utility


There are eight windows

  1. Main Window (Screen Shot)
  2. Largest files window (Screen Shot)
  3. Largest directories window (Screen Shot)
  4. Largest type (file extensions) window (Screen Shot)
  5. Duplicate files window (Screen Shot)
  6. Duplicate directories window (Screen Shot)
  7. Directory compare window (Screen Shot)
  8. Owner file size summary window (Screen Shot)

Why buy separate programs for each feature when you can buy the one program that does it all !!!
All of the above listed features are integrated together
Making Directory Report a very powerful tool

Price of "Duplicate File Finder 2.0" - $29 Price of Directory Report - $25
Price of "Magic File Renamer Pro" - $30
Price of "Directory Printer 3.44" - $29
Total: $87 Directory Report saves you $62

Directory Report was written by Allan Braun (AMB Software)

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